19 Oct 2019
The terms of service have been updated. They are largely the same, but please review them and the FAQ section.
Many thanks to Marc Whipple for his invaluable assistance (and endless patience) in drafting this for me.

16 Feb 2019
I have released new brushes! There's, of course, the Photoshop set, a few new Clip Studio brushes, and of course, the image pack.
These brushes are all roses...!
Special thanks to Becca Hillburn for her help with making these come to life!
Also, worth a note: If you're using a version of CSP 1.6 or older, the Clip Studio brushes I make may not work. You will want to upgrade to 1.8... Or double check that you're launching the correct version if you're up-to-date. If you have trouble installing any brushes, you can always just use the imagepacks at your discretion.

28 July 2018
Updates abound! Most notably, there was a cosmetic change made to the navigation.
New Clip Studio brushes... There's a downloadable item via Gumroad. There's a new set of patterns, too.

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Before using brushes & image packs, please check the Material Terms of Use.