Update Archive
16 Feb 2019
I have released new brushes! There's, of course, the Photoshop set, a few new Clip Studio brushes, and of course, the image pack.
These brushes are all roses...!
Special thanks to Becca Hillburn for her help with making these come to life!
Also, worth a note: If you're using a version of CSP 1.6 or older, the Clip Studio brushes I make may not work. You will want to upgrade to 1.8... Or double check that you're launching the correct version if you're up-to-date. If you have trouble installing any brushes, you can always just use the imagepacks at your discretion.

28 July 2018
Updates abound! Most notably, there was a cosmetic change made to the navigation.
New Clip Studio brushes... There's a downloadable item via Gumroad. There's a new set of patterns, too.

23 November 2017
New Photoshop brush set and image pack.

19 November 2017
4 New Clip Studio Brushes have been added.
2 new Photoshop pattern files have been added.
I also added a new tutorial on how to mess with Clip Studio Paint's brushes.

9 November 2017
3 New Clip Studio Brushes have been added.
I also have a couple of new resources up under image packs that have been added up on my Gumroad. Basically, there's a compilation of ink spatters, as well as a new Watercolor paper set.
You can download these from Gumroad for free -- all you need is an email address. When you enter the amount you want to pay, just enter "0".

2 September 2017
Well, I've been doing this site stuff for 14 years now! ... Nagareboshi.org is offically 14. :D
Also, as of July 25, I've been making Photoshop brushes for 10 years! So here's a new brush set!
These new brushes are hand-drawn (or in the case of the droplets, dripped), so they're really good for sketches and such.

7 May 2017
I added a new featured user! In case you're not familiar with Becca Hillburn, she's a comicker, watercolor artist and art educator who has provided lots of tutorials, reviews, advice, and resources online! If you are familiar with her, check out her Patreon for early access videos and tutorials!
Yes, that's a lot of links. And that barely scratches the surface of what she does.

There will be an update to the Clip Studio section of the site coming next week as well, though if you want those materials NOW, you may wanna consider backing me on Patreon for early access.

17 February 2017
Well, hello. A new brush set is available.
Also, in an effort to help cover hosting costs, I've started a Patreon, which I'll add to the top links later today. Patrons get access to new brush sets a week before they're released here, and also get access to materials as I'm working on them.
If you'd like to support me financially, that'd be a pretty good way to go about it!

27 November 2016
You know, I don't enjoy drawing rain. So I made some brushes as a shortcut.
I'm also releasing some of the other brush sets over on Gumroad as major compilations -- so for instance, all of the shoujo-style effects brushes can be found in one set...

31 October 2016
So, I've got a new image pack up -- this time it's assorted papers. The file is a bit large considering they're uncompressed TIFF files at 600DPI.
I've decided to give Gumroad a try for this image pack - this means the image pack is still free, but if you'd like to donate a dollar or two, the option is available.

09 October 2016
It's autumn here, so I decided to convert several leaf brushes to Clip Studio format. They're under Flowers & plants.
And there's a couple of other new brushes. The full list of new CSP brushes are:
Chestnut Oak, Oak, Red Maple, Sassafras, Sweetgum, Ginkgo, Climbing Ivy, and Pentagonal Cloud

05 October 2016
A new set of brushes has appeared! It's a little different than normal, and works best with CS5 and newer. I recommend using it with the Mixer Brush tool.
Aside from that, I'm not sure how frequent brush releases will be in the coming months. I've been focusing a lot of my energy on drawing comics.

14 August 2016
Oh look, more new brushes.

27 March 2016
New brushes, called Shoujo Mirai! In the name of the future Moon..
Oh... Um. Right. Also updated the name of the Manga Studio section, because they changed their branding to match the original software; so it's now Clip Studio Paint.
I also added another comic under the Art & Comics heading. Now to figure out how to fix the padding and such on mobile... Sigh.
Ah, yes! Also, if you're a fan of Altar Girl, there's a Fan Anthology project going on! The deadline's April 8, so it's a little close, but it's still a fun project!

09 March 2016
New brushes and a new tutorial for a question I get a lot!

18 December 2015
I've added a few new Manga Studio brushes, based on what's in the Sparklace set. Those brushes are all marked NEW!, but the list of new brushes is as follows:
Small Dithered Ribbon, Small Dithered Ribbon 2, Small Dithered Ribbon 3, Small Dithered Ribbon 4, Small Ribbon Repeat, Small Ribbon Repeat 2, Small Ribbon Repeat 3, KiraKira, Greyscale Floaty Circle, Greyscale Floaty Circle 2

For those curious, the previous update included the following tools:
Lacy Ribbon, Lacy Ribbon 2, Fancy Lacy Circle, Doily 4, Doily 5, Compositae, Compositae 2, Flower 2, Flower 3

In the future, I'll try to list out the new Manga Studio Brushes.

15 December 2015
New brushes! They're called "Sparklace". If you don't see anything updated in the "Featured" section, clear your browser cache!
The lacy patterns work best as borders -- and will probably be converted to Manga Studio format soon.

26 November 2015
The Manga Studio Brush section has been updated and reorganized. Hopefully it's easier to find things!

06 November 2015
Holy crap, so it's time for some updates! I'm still working on content in some places, but I'm mostly happy with things as they are at the moment.
First things first, I'd really like to thank the wonderful Kata Kane for her help with all this! This year has been rough for me, but Kata's help with getting the website into a more modern state has been totally invaluable!
In any case! Here's what's new:
  1. The Photoshop Brush and Image Pack sections have been reorganized.
  2. The Oekaki has been reinstalled from a clean install. Maybe give it a whirl if you have a chance? Registration's open!
  3. I've added a new featured user!
  4. Also, there's a new brush set.
So... Enjoy~!

17 August 2015
If you have Manga Studio, but were never sure how to install brushes, here's a tutorial for ya! I also uploaded more brushes to the Manga Studio section yesterday, too. Enjoy!

15 August 2015
I've added a new section over on the right. What for?
Well, previously, my brushes were pretty much only Photoshop. I'm working on some that will work in Manga Studio 5 / Clip Studio Paint.

So, go on. Check out the Manga Studio Brush section. I'll update it periodically with new materials.

11 July 2015
If you make a con-- Erm, if you download these new brushes, you might find yourself wondering why I put these things together... Eh.
By the way, one of the brushes in the set is best spaced at 150% - if you want to have it repeat along a border or something.

I have a couple of tutorials to put together, and I suppose I should redo the images in that area, because they are sorta bad.
So, new tutorials will probably come soon.

I've added a new tutorial, on creating lace designs. I actually had the screenshots and such done when I released the Doily Disaster set, so it's just sat in my queue a while...

6 June 2015
New brushes. Good for comics, and maybe some other things.

9 April 2015
Again, with new brushes. These are probably best used in comics... Sorta like the rest of the shoujo series.

8 February 2015
New brushes and corresponding image pack! Yay!

26 January 2015
I said I was taking a break, and clearly that did not happen. There's some new brushes (sorta -- they're derived from the Doily Disaster set), and the website is no longer grey.
I also updated the preview images for most of the brushes to help make them a little more appealing.
If you have any comments, concerns, or find anything broken, there's a contact form linked to the left. If it's a bug report, please include your browser and version so I can troubleshoot it accurately.

16 January 2015
Yet again, more brushes are available.
Considering the rate at which I've been creating materials over the past few months, I may take a break for a while. (Unless I don't.)

12 January 2015
So, the new brush set is kind of weird. But it's there. Give it a shot!

9 January 2015
Happy New Year!
There's a new custom shape file available! When was the last time I made one of those?

1 December 2014
New, sparkly brushes! *gasp* Just in time for all those sparkly holiday scenes or something.
I'd recommend using that tutorial I posted yesterday as I didn't set any brush dynamics.

30 November 2014
New tutorial and feature.
I've also added a Terms of Use page outlining the terms of use for materials provided here a little more clearly. It doesn't change the scope of what is or isn't allowed - it's just clarification.

24 November 2014
New brush set...
I also gave in and added an image pack for the leaf brush.

4 November 2014
And now, two new brush sets are up. :D
I initially was not going to add the leaf brushes, as I do not have an image pack (and they have scatter effects), but I was nudged to do it anyway.

3 November 2014
The year's winding up, so I decided to clean things up a bit. I've changed the site around so that there's some 301 redirects in place, links to pages are now "pretty" thanks to mod_rewrite, and there's a new section.
The side navigation has also been updated slightly, bumping the Art/Downloads section in priority, and Comics has been moved down.
...Oh, wow, this reads like release notes. Anyway... Good stuff.

More may come in the near future.

22 September 2014
Well, there's an update, so of course I did something to the site. And that thing is add some more brushes.

10 September 2014
No Anniversary brush set, but a new one is up, nonetheless.

9 August 2014
More new brushes! I suppose I should start planning on making an anniversary set or something for Nagareboshi, seeing as it's coming up on 11 years since I first got the domain. :D

31 July 2014
New brushes. That is all.

2 July 2014
I've made a tutorial! Huzzah! Until I make a more suitable location, they will be under "Other Materials".

25 June 2014
A redone version of the Tone Stars and Tone Shapes brushes has been uploaded, called "Stars & Shapes Redux". It's one pack. The old packs will remain up.

11 June 2014
New brushes! And their corresponding image pack, for those of you using SAI. :D

1 June 2014
I've made some updates to the site again, which involved reorganizing the downloads section. I've now separated things out into different sections.
There is also a new image pack, using patterns and such which I've created over the past while for making brushes or other things.