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Updated 2019 October 19

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Terms of Service
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These are the terms of service for the Website and/or the Materials. Accessing the Website and/or downloading/copying/using the Materials constitutes agreement to these terms of service regarding such access/download/copying/use. If You do not agree to and comply with these terms of service, You may not use the Materials in any way which would otherwise require a copyright license or other legal permission.

This policy applies to all Materials and/or other materials, information or other content provided by the Website and/or the Provider. This policy may be updated at any time, without prior notice. Any such changes shall be effective when posted to the Website or otherwise made reasonably available to You and shall apply to all usage of the Materials and/or other materials, information or other content provided by the Website and/or the Provider as of the effective date.


"Materials:" Materials include all materials and content provided by the Provider through the Website or otherwise. This includes but is not limited to: Digital brush files (or "brushes,") image packs, tutorials including tutorial content and accompanying images or files, and stock images.

"Provider:" The Provider is Samantha Newell, the sole proprietor of the Website.

"Website:" The Website is shooting-stars.org and all of its affiliated domains or subdomains. For purposes of these terms of service, to the extent that they provide Materials and are under the direct control of the Provider, other websites where the Materials are available should be considered part of the Website.

"You:" You are the person who is reading these terms of service and using the Materials and/or the Website, and any person or entity to whom you provide the Materials and/or anything created with the Materials to the extent that such person or entity requires a license to use the Materials or permission to access the Website.


The Materials are provided "as-is," without any warranty or guarantee of functionality, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. No representation or warranty that the Materials are free of encumbrance and/or are not subject to the intellectual property rights of any other entity is made. This applies whether You download them for free or provide an optional payment through the Website. The Provider, at their sole discretion, may consider providing support upon request if the Materials do not function as expected in a context where the Materials would normally be otherwise expected to function. Updates to the Materials may be created or published at any time and without notice, and older versions of the Materials may or may not then be available through the Website or otherwise.

"PLAIN ENGLISH" WARRANTY CLAUSE: I provide these Materials for free. There are no warranties or guarantees of any kind, including any assurance that they are free of copyright or other rights that belong to other people. If they don't work, send me an email with details and I will see if I can help. Otherwise, what is provided on the Website is what there is.


By downloading and using the Materials and/or accessing the Website You are granted a non-exclusive license to use the Materials in your own original creations. The copyright in those original creations is entirely yours and You may copy, publish, distribute, market or sell such original creations at your sole discretion. You may transfer this license to other persons or entities by providing them with a copy of the Materials as available to the Website, including a link to these terms of service.

You do not have to report usage of the Materials to the Provider, but a link back to the Website and/or the Provider's deviantART page is appreciated.


The Materials may be redistributed subject to the following conditions:

  1. The Materials must be made available completely free of charge.
  2. The Materials must be properly attributed to the Provider, with such attribution including either a link to the Website or the Provider's deviantART page.
  3. The Materials may not be included in larger collections of similar materials/content. They must be provided as obtained from the Website.


Only Materials obtained from the Website, the Provider's deviantART page (https://deviantart.com/kabocha), the Provider's Clip Studio Assets profile (https://profile.clip-studio.com/en-us/profile/3581fby-gg), or the Provider's Gumroad storefront (https://gumroad.com/kitsune) are supported by the Provider. You are advised to only download Materials from those locations. Materials downloaded from other locations can not be supported by the Provider.


Any and all disputes over these terms, or regarding the Materials, shall be resolved in the state or Federal courts having jurisdiction over the state of Delaware in the United States of America. The laws and regulations of that state, excluding choice-of-laws provisions, shall be controlling in any such dispute.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Materials. The answers to these FAQ do not modify or supersede the Terms of Use above.

May I use your brushes in my print / comic / other thing I'm selling? (In other words, can I use them to make commercial products?)

Yes. However, you are not allowed to sell the brushes or any of the other Materials or include them in any larger collection of brushes, free or otherwise. They can only be re-distributed in the same format and condition in which they are provided. If you would like other people to know about and use them I would be delighted if you would post links to them!

Do your brushes work with other software?

Please review the documentation associated with the software you are trying to use to determine if Photoshop brushes are supported.

From my own testing, I know that my Photoshop brushes may work in some capacity in software such as Serif's Affinity suite and GIMP.

Do I have to tell you when I use your materials?

No, but I do like seeing what's done with the materials I've made! Feel free to share!

Can you make your brushes work for versions of Photoshop older than CS2?

No, I cannot provide support for versions of Photoshop older than CS2. If you need to use my materials for older versions of Adobe's software, please use the image packs to create your own brush sets.

Would you be willing to make a brush set for me?

In the event the option to commission brushes or other materials becomes available, a notice will be posted on the Website.