Altar Girl: A webcomic by Kata Kane

Altar Girl by Kata Kane

Looking for a sweet, shoujo-styled comic? Want something with good pacing, great art, and regular updates?
Look no further! Altar Girl is on the web! (And in print!)

From the site:
Ashley Altars is a typical high school student, attending a prestigious Catholic school with a long history. Seth Charming is a boy who died in 1929. They are both the keepers of mysterious key necklaces, and through them Seth has been brought back from death and to Ashley's present day, assisted by the Gemini Twin angels and guardians of the keys, Sera and Cherry. Ashley now has to deal with angels, demons, and bullies... but she just wants her crush Adam Evenine to finally notice her.

Altar Girl is actually a comic I hadn't been aware of until about Mid-2014 -- and I'd been itching for something new to read. I wasn't sure what I expected at first, but the story really drew me in!
The art is great, the story's intriguing, and the characters are likeable. It was really neat to find out that my brushes were used throughout the comic -- and even cooler to see the revised art in the print edition.

Without further ado, here are a few pages from the print edition comic, with a listing of some of the brushes Kata's been using.

If you like what you see here, you really should give it a read from the beginning!

Chapter 1, Page 4 Chapter 1, Page 9 Chapter 2, Page 0
The above all use the Shoujo Wonderland and Graceful Lace brushes.

Chapter 3, Page 0 Chapter 3, Page 7
The chapter 3 cover uses Love & Shine, while the last page featured uses Shoujo Wonderland.