Life on planet Zephyrus is in jeopardy when Prince Mythos escapes from prison, taking the civilians as his captive. It's up to five young ladies known as the legendary Starlight Maidens to work together and stop him! But... can they manage to balance their everyday lives with being magical girls?

Watch out, the Starlight Maidens are here!
Miss-Gravillian1992 is a magical girl fan, and has been working on two stories: Starlight Maidens and Magical Sweets.

Her style is adorable, and colorful, with inspiration being drawn from Lolita fashion and a variety of other sources! Her art tends to include lots of sparkles, and a healthy dose of pink, which just adds to the cute appeal!

All images linked here go directly to the pages on deviantART, and of course, belong to Miss-Gravillian1992.

Starlight Maiden Pinku! 2015 S.M.: Volume 6 cover! Cutie Patootie Me -Colored- A P P O L I N A R Magical Sweets: Sweetheart's Scepter