Becca Hillburn

Becca Hillburn / Nattosoup Studios

I'm a comic artist and freelance illustrator currently living in Nashville, TN. I have a MFA in Sequential Art from SCAD: College of Creative Careers, and a BS in Hypermedia from the University of New Orleans. While I'm skilled with a variety of media, my favorites include watercolor and alcohol based marker rendering.

Becca (aka Nattosoup) is a provider of tutorials, resources, reviews, and a whole host of other educational materials for artists! Not only can you find her on her blog, but she also has a fairly large library of videos, con recaps, and reviews on YouTube.

As an artist, Becca works both traditionally and digitally, and any new tutorials, techniques, or resources she creates are often shared with her patrons on Patreon. Her work has a whimsical feel, and is super cute! She also works on a comic called 7" Kara, which is about the adventures of a girl who's only seven inches tall!

All images here have been provided courtesy of Becca. If you want to see larger versions, please check out her Behance portfolio.

Beautiful Princess Cyclops Cutie Witch Lolita Mocha