The Site

Shooting-Stars.org was once known as Nagareboshi.org. After about 12 years, I got kind of tired explaining to people how to spell the "Nagareboshi" -- and hence, the new domain name!
The content's the same - it's only the name that's different!

The website is primarily home to things like resources and materials for Photoshop, and some for Manga Studio, all free.

This iteration of the website's layout was actually designed by the incredibly skilled and talented Kata Kane!
You can find her portfolio at Kata-Kane.com - and if you're looking for a great designer, I'd check her out!

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The Webmaster

I'm a techie and an artist.
You can find me on deviantArt as kabocha, tumblr as kabocha-chan, and on Subeta as kabocha.