Want to learn something? Here's some things to teach you techniques I use.

Creating Tone Shapes in Photoshop

How to create screentone and dithered shape patterns in Photoshop using layer effects. Created in Photoshop CS5.


Creating Scatter brushes in Photoshop

Using brush spacing and other dynamics to create a scattered brush.


Creating Circular Lace Designs in Photoshop

An Youtube walkthrough has been created to accompany this tutorial.


How to Install Brushes in Clip Studio Paint

Installing brushes in Clip Studio Paint doesn't have to be a painful or arduous process! Look no further, and learn how to use the drag and drop feature!


Loading Brushes in Photoshop

If you've wanted to use my Photoshop brushes, but have never been sure about how to actually get them to open... This method has worked at least since Photoshop 7.


Clip Studio Paint Brush Settings

Clip Studio Paint is chock-full of settings and hidden menus with interesting settings. Here, we take an overview of these to allow help modify brushes.


Webcomic Banner Rotator

A script snippet and example of how to build a rotator, with a few thoughts.